How to store umbrellas without mold?

We have done mold treatment of umbrellas before leaving the factory, but because the climate is different in different regions, the umbrellas should be placed in dry and ventilated places during daily storage,Place the desiccant, and it is recommended to take them out to air when there is sun

The umbrella should be placed in a cool place after the rain to dry, and then the umbrella put away, placed in a dry place.

Avoid exposing the umbrella to strong light for a long time, so as not to cause the color of the umbrella to dim or fade.

How to store umbrellas without mealworms?

Before we leave the factory umbrella has done harmless pest control treatment, daily storage can be placed in the place of the umbrella insect repellent pills or insect powder

When we get the umbrella, we should hold the wooden handle, gently rotate the paper umbrella clockwise to make it open a certain distance naturally, and then hold the umbrella holder position up gently with our hands.

Umbrella in the factory, we will have to do dry treatment, long-distance ocean shipping we suggest: do not set opp bags, the package inside the desiccant, to avoid moisture.